Allen Ravenstine “Electron Music / Shore Leave”

Waveshaper Media is thrilled to present Electron Music/Shore Leave, a new LP by former Pere Ubu synthesist and electronic music trailblazer, Allen Ravenstine. The LP is comprised of two EPs (1 per vinyl side), the first two parts in Raventine’s new Tyranny of Fiction series. Waveshaper Media first came into contact with Ravenstine when we interviewed him in 2012 for our modular synthesizer documentary I Dream Of Wires.

Ravenstine played the majority of the sampled instruments on these recordings as well as piano, Moog theremin, a Roland Aerophone and a bevy of synthesizers including a Korg MS20, EML 200, and a Doepfer Dark Energy. Recording virtually over the internet due to the covid pandemic, collaborators from around the world contributed Ondes Martenot, prepared piano, transverse flute, trumpet, saxophone, double bass and percussion.

NOW AVAILABLE!! The album contains 10 songs on vinyl LP – limited to 300 copies, with 100 on orange-vinyl, and 200 on standard-black. The recordings are also available digitally, as well as on two separate CD-EPs: Electron Music (wsm05 CD), and Shore Leave (wsm06 CD).

Allen Ravenstine - waiting for the bomb

Proto-synth innovator Allen Ravenstine released Waiting for the Bomb on fellow Pere Ubu alumnus (and Henry Cow founder), Chris Cutler’s label Recommended Records. Available on vinyl LP, CD and digital download.


Allen Ravenstine